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Our mediators demand direct access to any of the companies they communicate with. This means to the consumer that there are no unnecessary back and forth conversations with non-decision making employees. The consumer’s time will not be wasted with loss prevention departments who would normally be subjected to be saved, resold, or otherwise have their time wasted by a organization trying to keep an unhappy consumer on board.

Our mediators only work within industries that they have extensive experience in. This gives the consumer a critical advantage as our staff knows the intricacies of each business. This removes the hurdle of busy work that companies may try to justify as expensable and charge the consumer for. It also prevents both the company and consumer from having to educate the mediator on how the transaction or contract worked between the parties. Our staff understands how the services should have been performed, and ensures a quick resolution without unnecessary delays.

Unfortunately, not all review/complaint sites are fair to both the consumer and the business. For instance, the BBB will not remove a complaint even if the business completely satisfies the consumer. So, in many cases, businesses will refuse to work with a consumer that has made a BBB complaint, even if the complaint has a negative effect on their business. By lodging your complaint with us, you are ensuring your voice will be heard by the right people and not ignored.

Don't bother with Yelp or Google

People leave negative reviews and complaints on sites such as Yelp, Google, and the Better Business Bureau all the time. What results do they see? Nothing. Leave a complaint with us and we will speak to the business on your behalf and help you achieve a result in your well being.

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